Devil: The British Secret Agent

Devil: The British Secret Agent

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Abhishek Nama
Written by Srikanth Vissa
Produced by Abhishek Nama
Devansh Nama
  • Nandamuri Kalyan Ram
  • Samyuktha Menon
  • Vasishta N. Simha
Cinematography Soundararajan
Edited by Tammiraju
Music by Harshavardhan Rameshwar
Abhishek Pictures
Release date
  • 29 December 2023
Running time
144 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Box office ₹22.59 crore


  • Nandamuri Kalyan Ram as Trivarna alias Agent Devil; a double agent spying on IPI; head of INA covert operations
  • Samyuktha Menon as INA Agent Nyshadha, Trivarna’s love interest and INA’s morse code operator
  • Malvika Nair as INA agent Manimekala, and the leader of INA spies in South India, Right-hand woman to Trivarna
  • Mark Bennington as Bracken, the chief of IPI unit in South India
  • Vasishta N. Simha as INA agent Samudra alias Agent Trojan, A double agent spying on INA for IPI
  • Edward Sonnenblick as Bell, Bracken’s trusted aid and close confidant.
  • Satya as Sastry, Trivarana’s assistant and close confidant.
  • Shafi as INA agent Shafi, who disguises himself as a press photographer, coordinates with members and INA; close confidant to Trivarna, Nyshadha, and Samudra
  • Uttej as INA Agent Venkata Chalam, who was tortured and killed by Bracken and Bell
  • Ajay as Patwari, neighbour and business partner to Zamindar
  • Elnaaz Norouzi as Rosy, wife of Patwari
  • Srikanth Iyengar as Police Officer Venakata Swamy, a corrupt and negligent cop who initially investigates Vijaya’s murder case.
  • Ammu Abhirami as Vijaya, Zamindar’s daughter
  • Ester Noronha as Rani, a cook in the bungalow.
  • Amit Sharma as Bhuma, Vijaya’s love interest and a servant in the Zamindar’s Bungalow
  • Ananda Chakrapani as Ramana, Bhuma’s father, a loyal servant to Zamindar
  • Seetha as Vijaya’s mother
  • Nithin Mehta as Zamindar, Vijaya’s father
  • Chatrapathi Sekhar as Rani’s husband, a lock smith
  • Hari Teja as servant to Zamindar

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who is known for his unique script choices, has now come up with a period action drama, Devil. “The British Secret Agent” is the tagline. Abhishek Nama is the director and producer. Let’s see how the film is.

Devil - The British Secret Agent Trailer | Nandamuri Kalyan Ram | Samyuktha Menon | Abhishek Nama


Set in Rasapadu, British Province, a Zamindar’s daughter, Vijaya (Ammu Abhirami) gets murdered in a mysterious way. The British government orders Agent Devil (Kalyan Ram) to chase the murder mystery. After reaching Rasapadu Devil learns many shocking facts. After a point in time, Devil is given another mission named “Operation Tiger Hunt.” What is this new mission about? Who actually killed the Zamindar’s daughter? What is the connection between Vijaya’s murder and the new mission? Watch the film to know the answers.



Devil: The British Secret Agent was expected to be released theatrically on 24 November 2023, but postponed to 29 December 2023.

Home media

The film premiered on Amazon Prime Video on 14 January 2024.

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