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Cinema goers have shown a strong interest in Ground, an upcoming Telugu film due to its interesting concept and a strong cast. This movie is set to be released on 23rd February 2024 and promises to bring together intimately, drama, suspense as well as emotions against the backdrop of very ordinary day turning into something extraordinary.

Ground movie is directed by Suraj Tadi who is known for its unique story telling approach, directing skills, and great acting performances that show deepness and genuineness of every actor.

Movie Ground
Language Telugu
Screen 2D
Release Date 23 February 2024
Star Cast Tejaswini Maragoni, Harinath Raj Kuntamukkula, Nagaraj Badhavath, Vasishta Kunde, Durga Bhavani Sanaboina, Preethi Patra, Bhoopathi Patendla, Gopichand Alla, Rajesh Perka, Pradeep Patra, Praveen Kinthali
Country India
Genres Drama
Director Suraj Tadi
Producer Suraj Tadi
Music Bhaskar Appalla
Cinematographer Jaheer Basha
Editor Jaheer Basha
Writer Vijay Gattu
Production companies CineCode Studios

The Crew of Ground

Other actors include Tejaswini Maragoni, Harinath Raj Kuntamukkula, Nagaraj Badhavath, Vasishta Kunde, Durga Bhavani Sanaboina, Preethi Patra, Bhoopathi Patendla, Gopichand Alla, Rajesh Perka Pradeep Patra and Praveen Kinthali. Each actor will bring their own twist to the movie thus audiences can expect richly developed characters they can relate with.

The cast chemistry and individual performance are expected to be one of the highlights of the this movie which makes it different from other movies through a thrilling narrative experience.

Creative Director and Film Producer

Suraj Tadi directed Ground while also producing it; he has demonstrated his multi- faceted talent thereby ensuring high quality films for his audience. His direction is expected to make sense of complex narratives weaving them into a coherent storyline where you cannot wait for next scenes that keeps you at suspense throughout.

As a producer Suraj’s vision of this movie is very clear – not only entertaining but also speaking deeply inside viewers’ hearts.

Creative Team of Ground Movie

Vijay Gattu’s screenplay carries out the entire plot of Ground, exploring unanticipated events within friendships or how something simple may change individuals’ lives dramatically. Music composed by Bhaskar Appalla is expected to correlate with the plot and generate emotional response to what is happening.

The cinematography and editing of Jaheer Basha are expected to be the highlights of this film as they visually tell the story and seamlessly transit from one scenario to another.


Ground centers on a group of friends who meet at a local playground like others to play cricket on an ordinary Sunday. This film therefore explores aspects of friendship in relation to unpredictable circumstances thus making Ground an interesting thought provoking film.

This storyline encourages everyone to think about the worthiness of relationships together with undetermined nature of existence which is both heartening or realistic.

Anticipation by fans

With only some time remaining before its release date, viewers are already anticipating this movie while critics have shown their interests too. The unique concept around which it revolves along with exceptional cast members makes people want more than just entertainment from it if any good is going to happen in Indian cinema at least once again.

How a simple game can become a metaphor for life’s ups and downs as well as trust can be found in friendships will be revealed soon through Ground.


Ground is set to be a standout film in Telugu cinema, and it has got an appealing story being told. With its talented ensemble cast, visionary filmmaker’s direction, and captivating plot, the movie takes viewers on a trip through the mundane world that reveals the exceptional moments tucked in life daily.

This is a film that will certainly strike a chord with audiences as February 23, 2024 approaches; for it will leave an indelible mark long after the curtains have been drawn.


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