Masthu Shades Unnai Ra Telugu Movie Review

Movie Name : Masthu Shades Unnai Ra

Starring: Abhinav Gomatam, Vaishali Raj, Ali Reza, Moin, Aananda Chakrapani, Lavanya Reddy, and others

Director: Thirupathi Rao

Producers: Aarem Reddy, Prashanth. V, Bhavani Kasula

Music Director: Sanjeev. T, Samuel Aby

Cinematographer: Siddhartha Swayambhoo

Editor: Raviteja Girijala

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Abhinav Gomatam, who played comedy roles, has turned the protagonist in the film Masthu Shades Unnai Ra. The movie, directed by Thirupati Rao, has Vaishali Raj as the female lead. Let’s see how the film is.


Manohar (Abhinav Gomatam) is an artist whose life turns upside down on the day of his marriage as the bride elopes. As Manohar isn’t educated and settled in life, the bride runs away with another person, and his relatives look down upon him. Moved by this incident, Manohar decides to establish an off-set printing shop, and for that, he tries to learn Photoshop. Manohar enrolls in a coaching institute where Uma (Vaishali Raj) is his instructor. Manohar has a conflict with Rahul (Ali Reza) What happened later in Manohar’s life forms the crux of the story.

Plus Points:

The film is a sincere attempt to portray the life of a youngster who aspires to reach new heights in life. Abhinav Gomatam has come out of his comfort zone and is very earnest in his performance. There isn’t any comedy angle to his role, yet Abhinav Gomatam leaves a mark with his subtle acting. Surely, Masthu Shades Unnayi Ra presents the other side of Abhinav Gomatam, and this movie might help him get varied roles.

The female lead, Vaishali Raj, gets a very good role, and the actress does an impressive job. Her scenes and cute romantic track with the protagonist are neat to watch. Nizhalgal Ravi played a crucial role, and he was impactful. Others like Moin Mohammad, Ali Reza, Ananda Chakrapani, and Lavanya Reddy are decent in their respective roles.

Both halves present a few engaging moments, and the situational comedy by the hero’s friend works in parts. Abhinav Gomatam experiences a significant setback in the business and tries to conceal it from everyone. The scenes that come in this regard are neatly presented. The writing is sensible for the most part, and there are few sparks in the dialogues.

Minus Points:


Masthu Shades Unnayi Ra would have been much better had the team taken more care regarding the emotional angle. As the film is about a character’s journey, more emotional depth in the narrative would have made a world of difference to the film. Few emotional moments present in the movie don’t pack a punch.

One more big drawback of the film is its title. The chosen title and the film’s storyline are entirely different. Mostly, the title creates a perception among the audience about a movie, and regarding this aspect, the makers have set a wrong expectation by going with a fancy name.

The climax portions are dragged heavily, and the movie also becomes a bit boring here as we know what will happen at the end. The inferiority complex, which was discussed multiple times in the film, isn’t projected clearly.

Technical Aspects:

Except for the music by Sanjeev and the background score composed by Samuel Aby, other technical aspects are below par. The songs are neat, and the background score is pleasant, suiting the film’s feel-good vibe. The cinematography and production values could have been better. The editing isn’t good, as the film feels lengthy and slow at times.

Director Thirupati Rao keeps the film light-hearted with simple moments and situational comedy. While a few portions of the film are handled well, the emotional part needs better execution.


On the whole, Masthu Shades Unnayi Ra showcases the journey of an individual who wishes to make it big in life. While the attempt is sincere, the emotional angle isn’t satisfactory and the proceedings are predictable. This doesn’t allow the movie to rise above an extent. Abhinav Gomatam portrays a different character, and he impresses with his honest performance. The leading lady, Vaishali Raj, is also good in her role, and the film offers some engaging moments. The dragged climax and slow pacing at times are the other drawbacks. If you are okay with these drawbacks, you can give this film a try.

Release Date :

February 23, 2024