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Mercy Killing

Mercy Killing is directed by Venkat Ramana S., an upcoming Telugu social drama movie slated for release on April 12, 2024. It is a film that contains a strong ensemble cast and blends drama with poignancy in terms of social commentary, dealing with some key issues of our current society.

Movie Mercy Killing
Language Telugu
Screen 2D
Release Date 12 April 2024
Star Cast Parvateesam, Vullingala Aishwarya, Baby Harika, Sai Kumar, Surya Bhagavandas, Anand Chakrapani, Ramaraju
Country India
Genres Action, Drama, Romance
Director Venkatramana Surapalli
Producer Siddarth Hariyala, Madhavi Thalabathula, Vedula Bala Kameswari
Music ML Raja
Cinematographer Amar G.
Writer Venkatramana Surapalli
Production company Sai Siddhartha Movie Makers
Mercy Killing movie
Mercy Killing movie review

Direction and Production Team

The brains behind the production of Mercy Killing are Venkat Ramana S. – the director who has a sharp eye for detail and can narrate complex social themes through his films.

The movie is produced by Siddhartha Hariyala and Madhavi Talabattula under Sai Siddhartha Movie Makers, a production house known for supporting sensible cinema.

Creative Team of Mercy Killing

GM Raja composed music which was meant to make it more emotional as well as meaningful story line while Amar G provided the cinematography for the same story but a bit mind blowing since he attempted to make everything unique in order to meet its requirement.

In particular, Kapil Balla edited this film’s visual aesthetics while ML Raja wrote its audio experience which will be experienced while watching it over there.

Cast and Characters

In Mercy Killing leads are performed by actors like Parvateesam, Sai Kumar, Ishwarya Vullingala and Harika Pedada who bring their own uniqueness into these roles making them dynamic in themselves.

A large number of talented actors such as Ramaraju, Surya, Anand Chakrapani among others are also involved because they contribute to the tapestry of relationships within this film that makes up other elements like societal commentaries.

Parvateesam together with Sai Kumar may be playing pivotal roles that critique general assumptions about certain societal norms.

Anand Chakrapani features among others in the supportive cast whose actions might supplement major storyline by portraying varied societal roles relating to justice or mercy when considered from different perspectives.

Plot and Themes

While the exact details about the plot of this movie have been kept under wraps until its release, it is expected that Mercy Killing will deal with euthanasia as a theme in relation to other broader social issues.

The title itself indicates an exploration into the ethical and moral questions surrounding ending lives to alleviate sufferings or pains.

Music and Cinematography

Mercy Killing stands against the present backdrop of societal issues and is manned by a cast that can give depth and nuances to this intricate tale. As the release date looms, there is considerable interest among film enthusiasts who want to see how this delicate topic is handled vis-à-vis Telugu cinema.

Mercy Killing Online Tickets

You can book online tickets of this film using Bookmyshow. Mercy Killing might be going into the complex world of morality and ethics wherein it could also discuss how these choices affect other members of society beyond just those who directly decide on them.


In its narration, Mercy Killing may touch on law aspects, emotions and psychology as they intertwine with this controversial subject matter.

In the run-up to its release, the film appears poised to be an important work in the realm of Indian cinema. The movie has a well-trained crew as well as a talented cast that are likely to make it an insightful exploration of this movie packaged in dramatic storylines aimed at enlightening or even transforming its audience.

The film provides not only pleasure but also provokes thoughts about profound ethical dilemmas relevant in real world situations.



What is the release date of the Mercy Killing movie?

Mercy Killing movie is set to release in theatres on 12 April 2024.

Who directed the movie Mercy Killing?

The movie has been directed by Venkatramana Surapalli.

Who is in the cast of Mercy Killing?

Parvateesam, Vullingala Aishwarya, Baby Harika, Sai Kumar, Surya Bhagavandas, Anand Chakrapani, Ramaraju

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