Game On Telugu Movie Review

Release Date : February 02, 2024

Starring: Geetanand, Neha Solanki, Madhoo, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Adithya Menon

Director: Dayanandh

Producer: Ravi Kasturi

Music Director: Abishek AR

Cinematographer: Aravind Vishwanathan

Editor: Vamsi Atluri

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Game On, starring Geetanand, is now out in theatres. The film, directed by Dayanandh, has Neha Solanki as the female lead. Let’s see how the film is.


Siddharth (Geetanand) is branded as a loser by his girlfriend, employer, and friend. Disheartened by this, he attempts to commit suicide, but a phone call from a private number changes his life completely. Siddharth starts receiving instructions to perform certain tasks for which he gets payment. Siddharth is informed that it is a real-time game that has a set of rules. During this time, Tara (Neha Solanki) comes into his life and starts loving him. How this real-time game affected Siddharth’s life is what the movie is about.

Plus Points:

Geetanand is the biggest pillar of Game On without an iota of doubt. The actor showed the variations present in his character with utmost conviction. As a demoralized youngster, Geetanand depicted his pain effectively, and the moment he transformed into a strong man, he went all guns blazing. His dialogue delivery and screen presence are commendable.

Even though the flashback is short, it adds value to the proceedings. The film’s second half is watchable, with some key moments holding the ground. Neha Solanki looked stunning on her screen. Though her role is more glamor-oriented, she still leaves a mark as she is very expressive. Adithya Menon is neat in his role. Subhaleka Sudhakar does what is expected of him.

Minus Points:

The main game discussed in the film has a resemblance to the famous Korean show Squid Game. This isn’t a big problem, but the main issue lies with the film’s screenplay. Except for the hero’s performance, the entire first half is lethargic.

There are three major twists around which the whole movie is centered, but none of them manage to intrigue, as we can see them coming from miles away. The predictable nature of these twists takes away the excitement factor.

Madhoo Bala’s role isn’t written well. Also, her portrayal isn’t good, diluting the film’s mood to a significant extent in the climax. Overusage of the F-word and a few visuals will cause irritation at times.

Technical Aspects:

Abhishek AR’s background score is phenomenal, and whenever the film goes down, Abhishek comes to the rescue. His songs are good, too. Game On has got one of the best visuals in recent times among small films. Aravind Vishwanathan did a superlative job. The makers spent more bucks on the film, which is visible in every frame.

The editing could have been better, especially regarding the first half. Director Dayanadh planned to make a slick and stylish thriller, but he could have taken more care of the narrative. A better presentation of twists would have made a world of difference.


On the whole, Game On is an action thriller with some passable moments in the second half. Geetanand is the heart and soul of Game On with this impressive performance, and the flashback portions hold our attention. But the dull first half and the predictability of key twists play a spoilsport to a large extent.

Release Date :

February 02, 2024