Sharathulu Varthisthai Telugu Movie Review

Movie Name : Sharathulu Varthisthai

Release Date : March 15, 2024

Starring: Chaitanya Rao, Bhoomi Shetty, Nanda Kishore, Venky Monkey, Santosh Yadav, Devaraj Palamuru, and others

Director: Kumara Swamy

Producers: Sreelatha – Nagarjun Samala, Sharadha – Sreesh Kumar Gunda, Vijaya – Dr. Krishnakanth Chittajallu

Music Director: Arun Chiluveru

Cinematographer: Praveen Vanamali, Shekar Pochampally

Editor: Ch. Vamsi Krishna, Gajjala Rakshith Kumar

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Chiranjeevi (Chaitanya Rao) works in a government office, and he toils hard to make ends meet. Chiranjeevi has to take care of his mother and two siblings. He is in a long-term relationship with Vijayashanthi (Bhoomi Shetty), who has been his support system since childhood. A financial fraud disturbs his life. What is it? How did Chiranjeevi deal with it? This is what Sharathulu Varthisthai is about.


Plus Points:

Chaitanya Rao is pretty good as a middle-class person, and he lived in Chiranjeevi role beautifully. His dialogues will appeal to middle-class families, and it is good that Chaitanya Rao selected a concept that has the potential to resonate with the majority of the people.

Bhoomi Shetty got a significant role, and the actress delivered a natural performance. It is good to see a strong female lead character, and the actress contributed effectively to the film. A few scenes featuring the lead actors came out neatly. The first half has some good moments.

Minus Points:

The movie is aimed at middle-class families who comprise the majority of the population. There are many who are falling prey to multi-level marketing scams, and the film tries to educate the viewers and create awareness about such things. While the intent is appreciable, the point was not narrated in an engaging manner.

Most of the scenes are dull, and the narrative is slow-paced. The film goes overboard in many scenes with emotional moments, which don’t make the required impact. The way the film makes the social commentary doesn’t look convincing. There is a bit too much of preaching, which may also cause irritation.

The first half has some watchable moments, but the second half is quite boring and tests the patience levels big time. This is where the predictability factor comes into play, and also the film is prolonged unnecessarily. The election angle over the end didn’t fit into the story properly.

Technical Aspects:

Arun Chiluveru’s music is just okay. The cinematography by Praveen Vanamali and Shekar Pochampally is neat and the production values are decent. The editing isn’t good, as the film needs some trimming.

Director Kumara Swamy’s intention to provide awareness about financial frauds is good, but he couldn’t narrate the film in an appealing manner. It isn’t sufficient if the film has a strong message, but it also needs to be engaging. There are many boring and dull scenes which work against the movie big time.


On the whole, Sharathulu Varthisthai is a film that is aimed at middle-class people, but the treatment is boring for the most part. The movie deals with multi-level marketing scams that can strike a chord with people, but the screenplay doesn’t have substance to hold our attention. Chaitanya Rao and Bhoomi Shetty are good in their roles, and the first half has some decent moments. But the second half is tiresome with tedious scenes. Hence, Sharathulu Varthisthai ends up as a disappointing watch.

Release Date :

March 15, 2024