Love Mouli Telugu Movie Review

Movie Name : Love Mouli

Starring : Navdeep, Pankhuri Gidwani, Charvi Dutta

Director: Avaneendra

Producer: Cspace , Nyra Creations and Srikara Studios

Music Director: Govind Vasantha

Cinematographers: Ajay Sivasanker

Editor: Avaneendra

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Navdeep and Pankhuri Gidwani star in the romantic drama ‘Love Mouli,’ which hits screens today amidst significant buzz. Check out our review to find out how the movie fares.


Renowned painter Mouli (Navdeep) cherishes solitude and dismisses love. However, when Mouli, longing for genuine affection, portrays Chitra (Pankhuri Gidwani) – his envisioned soulmate in both physicality and essence – a magical transformation occurs. As if enchanted, Chitra comes to life. Will she become Mouli’s cherished companion, guiding him on a journey of love and self-discovery? Discover their tale on the big screen.

Plus Points:

Navdeep’s reintroduction as “Navdeep 2.0” deserves appreciation for his dedication to this project and his efforts to embody the character, which is new territory for him. His portrayal of a character on a journey to discover true love is commendable, and he puts forth tremendous effort to look his best on screen.

Pankhuri Gidwani shines through in various distinct roles, leaving her mark in each portrayal. Her commitment to each character, evident in her appearance, is praiseworthy.

The team behind the locations deserves special recognition for their exceptional findings. The lovely and lively locations showcased in the film are captivating, inviting viewers to experience them at least once in a lifetime.

Rana Daggubati’s brief cameo surprises everyone with his almost unrecognizable appearance. Mirchi Hemanth, Bhavana Sagi, and others also deliver their parts adequately.

Minus Points:

The film’s excessive boldness may limit its audience reach, particularly among family audiences. While bold content has its place, the film’s exclusive focus on such themes risks isolating potential viewers, hindering its broader appeal.


Moreover, narrative inconsistencies detract from the overall viewing experience, particularly noticeable in the first half. Despite boasting a nice storyline, a more engaging narrative structure could have sustained the viewer’s interest throughout.

Certain scenes within the film lack depth and fail to captivate audiences, leaving them questioning the significance of their inclusion. A more discerning approach to scene selection and editing could have streamlined the narrative and maintained viewer engagement.

For future films, the director should consider expressing themes with greater subtlety and nuance. Infusing dialogue and storytelling with depth and emotion could enhance the film’s impact on audiences and broaden its appeal.

Technical Aspects:

Avaneendra deserves acknowledgment for his bold choice of concept for his debut film. However, the film’s ability to engage and connect with audiences is compromised by its weak storyline and sluggish screenplay, particularly evident in the first half.

The location scouting team deserves recognition for their exceptional discoveries, and the cinematography captures the beauty of these locales well. While a few songs offer enjoyment and visual appeal, the overall score fails to resonate with the film. Nevertheless, the production values are fine.


On the whole, Love Mouli disappoints due to its excessive adult content, sluggish pacing in the first half, and narrative inconsistencies. While Navdeep and Pankhuri Gidwani deliver performances that are passable, the visually attractive locations offer some respite. For those seeking a more cohesive and engaging cinematic experience, exploring alternative entertainment options may be a more satisfying choice.

Release Date :

June 07, 2024

Review :

Nice movie with an excellent music.  While hearing songs makes us feel like it has a deep meaning. Navdeep in his new getup was amazing. He had great looks with his long curly hair style and beard.
The movie's story is like a poem where a poet is expressing his emotions with a great feel. The scenes had a beautiful locations of
waterfalls etc